Vision and Mission

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Our Vision

  • The edacentrum is a recognized innovation accelerator for the microelectronics industry and its user industries.

Our Mission

  • We are the network for electronics, design and applications in business and science.

  • We offer innovative technical solutions for exchange and cross-company use.

  • We design Research & Development as an independent authority for an integrated design methodology along the entire value chain.

In the spirit of this mission, the edacentrum is particularly committed to the fields of action listed below and has set itself the following goals:

Goals of the Fields of Action

  • The edacentrum is recognized by industry, science and politics as a nationally leading, independent institution for networking, project management and project work in the field of designing microelectronic components and systems as well as their applications.
  • The edacentrum provides a broadly based platform for cooperation along the value chains, providing the organizational framework as well as the technical solutions for exchange and cross-company use.
  • The edacentrum is a sought-after coordinator, consultant and service provider for industry, science and politics.

Fields of Action

The edacentrum bundles the interests of industry and science with regard to new challenges in the field of designing microelectronic components and their applications,

      • to coordinate national and international strategic development and research agendas,
      • to initiate and prepare national and international research projects, and
      • to advise on research policy issues.

This pooling of interests is carried out by experts from industry and science

  • in the Technical Advisory Board taking place at least four times a year,
  • in several industry-specific working groups, each of which can form several thematically focused sub groups,
  • in the two own events edaWorkshop and edaForum
  • and participation in the organisation of further national and international conferences.

The edacentrum produces and distributes target group-specific information materials and maintains information platforms to inform industry, science and the general public, as well as to support the acquisition of contracts. In terms of content, the focus is on opportunities, challenges, solutions and activities in the field of microelectronics and its applications.

The edacentrum offers comprehensive services to support the initiation and implementation of national and international research projects in the field of the design of microelectronic components and their applications.

In particular, the edacentrum offers technical and administrative support for the projects, ranging from advice on funding opportunities and application procedures to the organisation of cooperation and reporting in the current project and its final assessment.

Within the scope of its technical competence, the edacentrum takes on technical subtasks of research projects as project partner or subcontractor.

  • To this extent the edacentrum focuses its professional participation on the support of a mutual use of important data and research results from economy and science.
  • This ranges from interfaces for the use of data and for the transfer of project results between the partners ...
  • ... up to the technical support and economic exploitation of project results of the partners, e.g. of software tools.

In addition, the edacentrum offers further services in the extended field of the design of electronic components and systems as well as their applications. This includes in particular research and development contracts of the economy and administration.