Services for Members

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The edacentrum offers the following services, financed by standard membership fees:

Information and analyses

The edacentrum provides information and analyses, such as:

  • Information material, such as a periodic newsletter and project reports.
  • Extended range of information on the Web.
  • Technology roadmaps and research strategy documents, including their creation.
  • Standardisation support.

Public relations

The edacentrum undertakes public relations, including:

  • Public relations in the EDA sector for companies and research institutes.
  • Public relations consulting.

EDA cluster research

The edacentrum facilitates cluster research and development that offers:

  • Networking for universities and research institutes to become research partners in an EDA cluster research project.
  • Networking for companies to become industrial co-operation partners in an EDA cluster research project.
  • Access to competence centers participating in EDA cluster research projects.


The edacentrum offers a number of other services that facilitate co-operation within and between industry and academia, including:

  • Access to the edacentrum network.
    • Networking and exchange of experience with other EDA users.
    • Representation at the EDA Consortium.
    • Representation in both national and international research initiatives and programs.
    • Discounts for edacentrum events such as edaWorkshop, edaForum, project workshops, co-operation workshops, and so on.
    • Representation in political bodies.

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