Range of Services

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Services offered by edacentrum

The edacentrum is an independent institution dedicated to the promotion of research and development (R&D) in the area of electronic design automation (EDA). The edacentrum initiates, evaluates and supervises industry-driven publicly funded R&D projects, and offers a comprehensive spectrum of services on all matters concerning EDA. To support the advanced needs of its partners and clients, edacentrum offers services optimized for specific user groups, including:

Services for members of the edacentrum e.V. registered association

The edacentrum supplies its members with multi-faceted, practical, useful information regarding all aspects of EDA, such as a newsletter, trend reports and strategies; and also provides them with access to its network of partners and experts.

List of services for members

Services for partners in R&D projects

The edacentrum guides, assists, supports and manages R&D projects focused on the design of microelectronic circuits and systems.

Description of services for partners in R&D projects

Services for EDA Cluster Research

The edacentrum initiates and supervises EDA cluster research projects in which leading research institutes work on highly innovative EDA research topics. These projects are selected for their practical relevance to the industry, aiming at industrial deployment and utilization within a five- to eight-year timeframe.

Description of EDA Cluster Research services

Individual services

In addition to the general services for members and project partners, edacentrum offers a broad range of customized services covering all matters involving chip development processes and R&D projects, on an individual contract basis.

Description of individual services

Benefits for the general public

The edacentrum stimulates, supports and promotes research, development and education within the German EDA network in order to maximize the German taxpayers‘ return on investment in EDA R&D. To this end, it:

  • Promotes the consolidation and cross-leveraging of existing EDA competences at German research institutes by means of EDA cluster research projects.
  • Organizes industry-recognised conferences and workshops to increase the cross-fertilization of new, advanced ideas and approaches.
  • Provides useful information about EDA and its scientific exchange and proliferation (for example, the Conference Calendar)
  • Undertakes press and public relations activities to educate decision-makers and decision-influencers in upper corporate management, the political sphere and the general public. The aim is to emphasize EDA’s critical role in the design and manufacture of complex microelectronic devices and systems — an area of vital economic interest to Germany.