Services for Project Partners in R&D Projects

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A core task of the edacentrum is to support and supervise research and development (R&D) projects in the design of microelectronic circuits and systems. The effort is organized in two major segments: the project coordination and the project management services.

Project Coordination

By supporting publicly funded, industry-led, R&D projects covering all aspects of microelectronic circuit and system design ("EDA projects"), the edacentrum actively participates in the development of major, multi-pronged German R&D programs. It assumes responsibility for important cross-project tasks, to the common benefit of all participating companies and research institutes. For this reason, the financing for this work is governed by an "Agreement on the reimbursement of expenses", a performance-based, pro-rata refund of expenses. The edacentrum also supports EDA aspects of German parts of international R&D programs, including MEDEA, MEDEA+, CATRENE and ENIAC.

The projects range from the development of design methodology and tools, to their application in fields such as automotive, medical and so on. The edacentrum manages and co-ordinates important cross-project tasks via a standard set of services available to all projects, including:

  • Support in project initiation and preparation (consortia, sketches, project descriptions and so on).
  • Support in project execution.
  • Support in project assessment.
  • Public relations work for projects, in the newsletter and the press as well as at events.
  • Hosting of project homepages.
  • Organisation and implementation of project events and public workshops.

Project Management Services

While collaborative R&D-projects need technical and scientific expertise to be successful, well-organized processes are absolutely indispensable for success — and that is the edacentrum’s core competence. With its many years of experience in supporting R&D-projects, the edacentrum can provide clients with management expertise and relieve clients of work load, effectively and efficiently.

The edacentrum‘s customized services allow project teams to focus on their core task of innovating. The edacentrum’s precisely defined project management processes and large network are designed to optimize efficiency and effectiveness in both project execution and the deployment of its results. We support R&D projects within the European Commission’s Research Framework Programs, the EUREKA initiative and national programs in Germany.

Detailled desciption of project management services offered by edacentrum to R&D projects