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In 2024 the edaWorkshop24 will jointly be organized with the European Nanoelectronics Applications, Design & Technology Conference (ADTC).

The joint event will take place on April 9 - 10, 2024 in Dresden, Germany.

You find detailed information from here about the program, the location and accomodation and the registration.

edaWorkshop22 Fotoleiste

About the Program:
The conference comprises two keynotes (given by Intel and Zuken), a panel discussion on "Fostering Industry Engagement in the Chips Act" and several technical sessions addressing the following timely topics, where the latest technical results of European R&D projects are presented:

  • Chiplets,
  • Green / Sustainable Electronics,
  • Design Platforms,
  • Edge-AI,
  • RISC-V and
  • Verification of Trustability.

The above mentioned panel session, current activities related to the EU Chips Act (e.g. European Design Platform, Pilot Lines, Chips Joint Undertaking) will be covered. Of course, edaWorkshop will also feature its signature extensive comprehensive poster session.

With a mix of representatives from industry and academic research the event creates ideal opportunities for a professional exchange of ideas and results and creation of new initiatives. An inspiring social event will facilitate valuable discussions with old and new friends and colleagues.

Use the opportunity for a professional exchange between science and application!

We very much look forward to finally spending some inspiring days together with you in beautiful Dresden again!

Ulf Schlichtmann

Prof. Dr. U. Schlichtmann
Chair of ADTC & edaWorkshop and
Vice Chairman edacentrum


Prof. Dr. W. Nebel

Prof. Dr. W. Nebel
Chair edaWorkshop and
Chairman edacentrum

About edaWorkshop and ADTC

Since 2009, the two established events edaWorkshop and ADTC have been held together every two years in Dresden. They share a common day and thus offer an efficient and exciting platform for cooperation and technical exchange between R&D projects and leading experts from all over Europe.

The edaWorkshop is the central German event on EDA in the sense of electronics, design and applications as well as in the classical sense of electronic design automation and the ADTC is its European counterpart, the European Nanoelectronics Applications, Design & Technology Conference, known until 2015 as CATRENE DTC. The last time this cooperation took place was in 2019 on May 14-16 in Dresden.

The event attracted nearly one hundred participants due to its very exciting programme. For more information on the event's character see below. If you like to take a personal visual pass in review, or if you like to know, how it looks at the edaWorkshop, then dive into our picture galleries of the past events accessible below.

Mission of edaWorkshop and ADTC

Since 2009 the two well established events edaWorkshop and ADTC (European Nanoelectronics Applications, Design & Technology Conference, until 2015 known as CATRENE DTC) are co-located and share a common day every two years in Dresden and provide an efficient and thrilling platform for collaboration and technical discussions among R&D projects and leading experts from all over Europe.

The mission of ADTC & edaWorkshop is to support the transfer from new nanoelectronics technologies into applications with high economical value and valuable impact on societal challenges by the means of innovations in design technologies. This explicitly includes close collaboration of R&D experts along the whole value chains of the industries.

The event has a clear focus on deep technical discussions between the leading European experts in the addressed fields, independent from the research programs where the individual projects have been started. CATRENE, PENTA, ECSEL, Horizon 2020, national research programs – ADTC and edaWorkshop bring together all of them at one common technical workshop. This perfectly complements the European Forum for Electronic Components and Systems, where strategic and political discussions have their home.

About 100 attendees include project managers and leading experts of R&D projects in the fields of nanoelectronics and design technologies and their applications, R&D management of semiconductor industry, microelectronics experts in the applications industries like automotive and industrial, the major research organisations of the European scientific community.

Financial Concept

ADTC/edaWorkshop is organized as collaboration event for experts in the field. All attendees benefit from the intensive information exchange and share the cost, which will be kept low. It is a nonprofit event, the local organisers do not get any compensation for their work. Most attendees contribute actively to the event, e.g. as speaker or panelist, therefore free participation is not possible.


The successful preceding edaWorkshop and CATRENE DTC events in Dresden attracted more than 120 participants in 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2015 respectively. To get an impression of edaWorkshop in the past visit the picture galleries of the past events. The ADTC was first held in Grenoble on June 20-21, 2016 (Website).

With a mix of representatives from industry and academic research the event creates ideal opportunities for a professional exchange of ideas and results on a scientific basis. The dialog can pave the way for industry to benefit from research results. Please note, that the conference language will be English.

edaWorkshop22 FotoleisteThe edaworkshop22 & ADTC, June 2022, Dresden - Program, Picture Gallery

edaWorkshop17 Fotoleiste
The edaworkshop19 & ADTC, May 2019, Dresden - Program, Picture Gallery

edaWorkshop17 FotoleisteThe edaworkshop17 & ADTC, May 2017, Dresden - Program, Picture Gallery

edaWorkshop15 Fotoleiste
The edaworkshop15 & Catrene DTC, May 2015, Dresden - Program, Picture Gallery.

edaWorkshop13 Fotoleiste
The edaworkshop13 & Catrene DTC, May 2013, Dresden - Program, Picture Gallery.

edaWorkshop11 Fotoleiste
The edaworkshop11 & CATRENE DTC, May 2011, Dresden - Program, Picture Gallery.

edaWorkshop09 Fotoleiste

The edaworkshop09 & CATRENE DTC, Mai 2009, Dresden - Program, Picture Gallery. (in German only)