Knowledge Center

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The edacentrum’s primary mission is to be a focal point for EDA matters in Germany. In this role, it provides a variety of information about EDA through a number of channels including: press relations in general and through its dedicated, topical newsletter, newsletter edacentrum (Website in German only) in particular. In addition, edacentrum participates in and/or publishes studies and analyses, and participates in the creation of industry roadmaps and strategies, both national and international. The edacentrum also regularly supports the EDA community in developing a strategy for research topics in Germany (eDesign), from which the Federal Ministry for Education and Research also benefits.

In the "Knowledge Center" pages of this website, contents (partially password-protected) are ordered by category. The edacentrum also provides material for download, such as guidelines, logos, etc. as well as links to topics related to EDA and microelectronics.