Tasks and Services of the Technical Advisory Board

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Technical Advisory Board briefly described here has tasks and provides services as shown below:

The Technical Advisory Board as Network

  • Network and platform to consolidate the research interests of industrial German EDA users
  • Monitoring of EDA project initiatives and ongoing EDA projects
  • Expertly competent discussion platform for an exchange on research topics with competitors, EDA companies and public institutions.
    - Discussion of current and expected challenges
    - Identification of 'white spots' on the research map
    - Identification of expected bottlenecks
    - Consistent picking up of important trends and their consequences
    - Initiation of a dialogue between universities/research institutions and industry (e.g. at the edaWorkshop)
  • Support of edacentrum in representing the EDA-specific research interests of edacentrum members at federal and EU level
  • Participation in the organisation and implementation of the edaWorkshop
  • Support for the implementation and marketing of results

Strategic Tasks of the Technical Advisory Board

  • Initiation and support of initiatives for national and European technology funding
  • Advising the Federal Government on setting research priorities in the field of EDA
  • Preparation of joint strategy papers (national and EU) on industrial requirements and necessary research priorities, which are valuable and effective for the companies represented in the Technical Advisory Board and for the entire German industry.
    - Support of the cross-company development of EDA roadmaps - national and international

Services of the Technical Advisory Board for EDA Projects

  • Generation of project ideas and support for project initiatives, taking into account the joint EDA strategy
  • Technical, constructive-critical consulting and monitoring of ongoing EDA projects with the aim of maintaining the high quality of the projects and achieving optimum exploitation of the project results.
    - Mentoring of EDA projects
    - Consulting during the application and implementation phase of EDA projects
    - In addition, the Technical Advisory Board 's participation in project reviews serves to identify and generate suitable and important topics for new funding projects.
  • Coordination of the priorities for new cluster research projects, including
    - Definition,
    - Tender,
    - Selection,
    - Monitoring and
    - Evaluation of cluster research projects