Individual Services

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The edacentrum’s discussions with leading system and semiconductor companies demonstrate a large potential — in some cases even an urgent need — for significant improvement in development productivity, development processes and project management. The edacentrum bridges this expertise gap, offering access to its competency and know-how and that of its network in the form of specialized services for practical applications. These services give valuable support to the edacentrum’s members and business partners in mastering their individual challenges, as well as ensuring the economic viability of the edacentrum.

The services are currently classified in four areas:

Project Management Postgraduate EDA education Introduction of innovative solutions in EDA Optimization of development processes
Project Management Postgraduate EDA Education Introduction of innovative solutions in EDA Optimization of development processes

Project management

Projektmanagement Logo Proper management is of critical importance for R&D project success. However, in many cases, those employees most suitable for project management are often urgently needed for other tasks, such as project content creation and product development. With its many years of experience in managing R&D projects, the edacentrum can relieve clients of work load, effectively and efficiently. The edacentrum can undertake a large number of project tasks such as administration, external representation, creation of the project description, and generation of the various reports required in project execution. The edacentrum offers these services very cost-effectively by pooling the work tasks of multiple projects and assigning the appropriate personnel expert in those tasks. The project management services allow the edacentrum‘s project partners to focus on their core task of facilitating innovation by means of electronic design automation. The edacentrum’s precisely-defined project management processes, together with its large, expert network enable it to manage for optimum efficiency and effectiveness in the application of project results.
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Post-graduate EDA education

Kompetenz Logo Industry must continuously develop the competency levels of its circuit and system developers to derive the maximum benefit from the use of EDA tools and technology. The edacentrum helps its customers to meet this challenge by designing continuing education and training programs, customized to their individual needs. The edacentrum analyzes those needs as well as the customer’s current utilization of external and internal resources. Moreover, the edacentrum can advise customers on how to supplement or completely redesign continuing education programs, and it can identify new opportunities and resources for such programs. Both the innovative content and cost effectiveness of continuing education programs can be optimized by using the edacentrum’s large network of experts. The edacentrum can call upon experts to participate in individual training events, and it can organize entire training programs that cover not only tool-specific knowledge, but also fundamental concepts and applications. If desired, the edacentrum can also manage the organization aspects of training programs.

Implementation of innovative EDA solutions

Innovationslogo The edacentrum offers its consultation services to promote the efficient implementation of innovative EDA solutions. It offers support in requirements analysis, and in refining and evaluating new EDA solutions. In addition to technical requirements, the edacentrum considers other criteria, such as the cost and effort required to introduce new methods and to integrate them into an existing design flow. It also evaluates and makes recommendations to raise the competency of employees to the level required by new EDA solutions. As a wholly independent company with no EDA product offerings of its own, the edacentrum’s consultation services are objective and focus on customer benefit — with no conflict of interest.

Optimization of development processes

Optimization Logo Efficient product development requires not only optimal EDA solutions and trained developers, but also clearly-defined development flows, the tools appropriate for capturing processes, and the data needed for project execution. Moreover, implementing and tracking suitable metrics can substantially improve the productivity and quality of development projects. The edacentrum offers practical, experience-based support in all of these steps. For example, it can realize the benefit and value of currently under-utilized design data; or it can provide the assistance and tools needed to acquire and evaluate measurables or to model a customer’s specific design flow to optimize it and to evaluate alternatives. The edacentrum assists not only in the analysis of the data and technology infrastructure, but also in the implementation of the recommended actions.