EDA Cluster Research Services

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The edacentrum supports and supervises Cluster Research Projects funded by the German Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) and by industry, enabling industry and research teams to maximize the benefit from these projects. Specifically, research teams benefit from financial support for their work on advanced technologies of (potentially) future industrial importance. They also receive from industrial mentors both feedback and access to industrial applications. Industry benefits by having access to leading research resources for achieving major technology breakthroughs.

The edacentrum offers the following services for EDA Cluster Research:

    • Initiation and definition of research projects.
    • Formulation of proposals for research topics in co-operation with leading research institutes.
    • Selection of research topics in co-operation with leading companies in the microelectronics industry.
    • Project management of all projects.
    • Organization of industry partner workshops, ensuring the industrial relevance of the research work.
    • Widespread dissemination and utilization of research project results.
    • Establish clusters of competence.
    • Build EDA networks.