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In 2024 the edaWorkshop24 take place on April 9 - 10, 2024 in Dresden, Germany. The event will jointly be organized with the European Nanoelectronics Applications, Design & Technology Conference (ADTC). You find detailed information here on the ADTC and edaWorkshop24 website.

In 2023, the edaWorkshop, the leading German EDA event for the publication and discussion of research results in the field of EDA in the sense of electronics, design and applications as well as in the classical sense of electronic design automation, took place from 8 - 9 May 2023 in Hanover at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel am Maschsee together with the "Day of Trustworthy Electronics", for which further information is available here (in German only).

edaWorkshop23 Fotoleiste

Due to their very exciting programmes (Program edaWorkshop, Program des TdvE, both in German only), the events together attracted more than a hundred participants. More information on the character of the event can be found below. If you would like to take a personal visual look back, or if you would like to know what the edaWorkshop is like, then take a look at our picture galeries picture galleries of past events.

About edaWorkshop

The edaWorkshop is the central German event on electronics, design and applications (EDA). It offers best conditions for publication and discussion of application-oriented EDA research results. The balanced presence of science and application creates ideal opportunities for professional exchange with scientific claim, combined with industrial benefit. Particularly noteworthy is the strong presence of leading industrial companies, which enables a wide range of collaborations to translate research results into economic benefits. If you would like to know how things are going at the edaWorkshop, take a look at one of the picture galeries from past events.

At the same time, the edaWorkshop is also the central event for the exchange of results for all BMBF-funded projects in the field of electronics, design and applications. It serves the communication between experts and the funding body and supports the transfer of results in publicly funded research and development projects (more information (Germen only)).

Since its foundation in 2007, the edaWorkshop ( to the history) has attracted more than 100 participants every year.

Financial concept

The edaWorkshop is organized as collaboration event for experts in the field. All attendees benefit from the intensive information exchange and share the cost, which will be kept low. It is a nonprofit event, the local organisers do not get any compensation for their work. Most attendees contribute actively to the event, e.g. as speaker or panelist, therefore free participation is not possible.

Use the opportunity for a professional exchange between science and application!

We very much look forward to spending some inspiring days together with you in Hannover!

Prof. Dr. W. Nebel

Prof. Dr. W. Nebel
Chair edaWorkshop and
Chairman edacentrum


Ulf Schlichtmann
Prof. Dr. U. Schlichtmann
Technical Program
Chair edaWorkshop and
Vice Chairman edacentrum