How About the Linkage Between Microelectronics and Global Economy?

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Barbara Schaden, Infineon


It is well known that the microelectronic industry is closely correlated to the development of the world economy. It proves that volatility and growth of the semiconductor industry are not only caused by an industry-specific, technologically determined product cycle, but are also highly influenced by the macroeconomic environment. Correlation between both increased and is a result of the proceeding commoditization. A change in global economic growth directly affects the demand for semiconductors via changes in private consumption and expenditures of organizations. Additionally, the so-called global megatrends like shortage of natural resources, ageing society, increasing mobility and urbanization influence the microelectronics industry.

The presentation will highlight current developments and future trends which will have an observable impact on the microelectronics industry.

Curriculum Vitae

Frau Barbara SchadenDr. Barbara Schaden started her professional career at the Ifo Institute for Economic Research in Munich. From 1994 to 1998 she worked in the Dresden branch. Dr. Schaden then continued her career in Munich with responsibility for the field Structural Analysis (1998 to 1999) and joined the Ifo Institutes' Economic Analysis and Forecasting team soon thereafter. She was the Ifo representative in the German tax estimation working group. In 2001, she joined the Corporate Strategy Department of Infineon Technologies AG. She holds the position of a Chief Economist responsible for Economic Analysis and Forecasting. In 2005, Dr. Schaden additionally became Head of the Infineon Corporate Competitive Intelligence Department. The Competitive Intelligence team is responsible for all market, competitor and economy related topics on a corporate level. Dr. Schaden got her Ph. D. degree in Economics at Constance University.

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