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For almost 20 years the edacentrum has been organizing the edaForum for decision-makers on a regular basis. With its unique combination of economically and technically oriented lectures on the value of electronics, design and applications (EDA), the edaForum provides important information for securing the company's future. In addition to the technical challenges in the development of microelectronic systems and their applications, the invited contributions of high-ranking speakers focus on current topics of in particular economic and strategic importance.

The edaForum22 with anniversary celebration will take place November 7-8, 2022 in Berlin.

The edaForum on the morning of November 8 will deal intensively with chiplet technologies. Furthermore, the topic of trustworthy IT as well as functional security will be considered, among others with the federal cyber agency.


On the evening of November 7 we also want to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the edacentrum properly and will think of something very special. Be curious and keep the date free, we will soon come up with detailed information about the anniversary and the further program of the edaForum.

Workshop on RISC-V Activities in the run-up to edaForum

On 7 November, in the run-up to the edaForum, the already 5th edition of the Workshop on RISC-V Activities will take place, organised by science and industry in cooperation with the edacentrum. The workshop, initiated by the BMBF-funded project Scale4Edge, stimulates the exchange of information on already existing or planned RISC-V activities and offers a platform for the cross-project extension of these activities or to develop new ideas, activities and cooperations. You can find more information here.


The edacentrum cooperates again this year with the associations VDE and ZVEI to enable edaForum22 participants to attend a thematically very suitable event that supports the dialogue between politics and industry: Directly following edaForum22, the event "MICROELECTRONICS FOR FUTURE 22 - applications and trends: Quantum Technologies" organized by VDE and ZVEI will take place at Futurium Berlin. Participants of edaForum22 will be able to register for MICROELECTRONICS FOR FUTURE 22 at the same time as they register for edaForum22.

More Information like program and pictures of past edaForen yo find here and on the left below the menu "History".