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The edaForum07 was held in December 6-7, 2007 at the Marriott Hotel, in Munich.

To further improve the next years edaForum, the edacentrum would like to ask all attendees to make sure, that we got your feedback formular (PDF). It can be sent by fax to +49 (511) 762-19695.


As the five events before, the edaForum07 brought together decision makers from industry and top-rated speakers from all over the world. It has been organized by the edacentrum as part of its mission to overcome the design gap by collaborative actions of system and semiconductor companies, EDA vendors and research institutes.

General Keynote

Bild EulHermann Eul
Member of the Management Board
Executive Vice President
Head of Communication Business Group
Infineon Technologies AG

The event did not only focus on technical challenges but also on business-related topics helping to optimize the return on your EDA investment. The invited speakers present edvarious topics within the sessions. Please find the details in the programme.