Keynote: More than Moore - Challenges and Opportunities for Europe

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“More-than-Moore” is a concept promoted by Europe which outlines that the product value lies not only in the digital part of an integrated circuit, but also in many differentiating non-digital technologies which are integrated in a chip or in a package. This talk will discuss through many examples this “More-than-Moore” field which includes analog circuits, transducers (sensors and actuators), rf devices and power building blocks. It will also outline the difficulty to carve technical guidance as it happens in the digital world through the ITRS and it will give some perspectives for international roadmaps. Further opportunities for Europe will be also discussed.

Curriculum Vitae

Michel BRILLOUËT Michel BRILLOUËT joined CEA-Leti in 1999 where he managed a R&D division on silicon microsystems and from 2001 also on silicon microelectronics. He is presently strongly involved in the shaping of the European Research Area in nanoelectronics (ENIAC, etc.) and in bodies targeting international collaborations. He participates in international forums (ITRS...) and conferences (VLSI-TSA, INC...).

Prior to joining CEA-Leti, BRILLOUËT worked for 23 years in Centre National des Télécommunications (CNET; France Telecom R&D Center) where he held different positions in microelectronics research.

In 1992, he was assigned to the Common R&D Center between STMicroelectronics and France Télécom in Crolles, France, where he was in charge of all the technology R&D programs for the Crolles site, including CMOS, eDRAM and BiCMOS process and process integration along with their interaction with the design community.

BRILLOUËT graduated from Ecole Polytechnique in Paris in 1974 and Telecom Paris in 1976.