edaWorkshop10 - program and registration online

The edaWorkshop10 takes place on May 4-5 in Hannover. Look forward to an interesting program (in German only) including keynotes by Andreas von Schwerin (Siemens) and Rolf Ernst (TU Braunschweig). From now on, the registration is possible here. We look forward to welcome you in Hannover. (Please note: This year, the conference language will be German.)

edaWorkshop10 - Call for Papers

The Call for Papers of edaWorkshop10 has been sent out these days. Industry and Research are invited to submit their contribution until January 14, 2010. Like to this year's edaWorkshop scientific as well as application-oriented contributions or experience or disemmination reports in the industrial area are welcome. While contributions are allowed in English language too, the conference language in 2010 will be German.

edaForum this year called off and suspended

During the past few years, the edaForum has become an attractive event that has been visited by a lot of people. Over the years more and more effort and expenditure have been spent in order to provide an interesting program. However this year, due to restricted travel budgets, too few participants are expected to warrant the expenditure. Therefore the edacentrum has decided to call off and suspend this year's edaForum, which had been scheduled to take place in Berlin from 24-25 November 2009.

Picture Gallery of edaWorkshop09 und CATRENE/MEDEA+ DTC online

Take a view on the picture gallery of this year's edaWorkshop which was jointly organized with the CATRENE/MEDEA+ Design Technology Conference and took place on May 26-28 in Dresden. It has attracted more than 100 participants, which is a vivid proof that EDA is alive. - As "after the edaWorkshop is before the edaWorkshop", we invite you to the edaWorkshop10 which will be held in Hannover, Germany on May, 4-5, 2010.

Aufruf zum fünften EDA-Clusterforschungsprojekt

Das edacentrum startet mit dem Aufruf zum fünften EDA-Clusterforschungsprojekt die Bildung eines neuen Forschungskonsortiums. Das Thema lautet "Verfahren für den Entwurf von dreidimensionalen nanoelektronischen Systemen". Das Projekt soll in 2010 seine Forschungsaktivitäten starten. Nähere Informationen Sie hier

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