edacentrum active at DATE 2014

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Dresden, March 3, 2014: As every year, the edacentrum is actively engaged in the Design Automation and Test Conference and Exhibition (DATE), taking place on March 24-28, 2014 in Dresden. Besides working in DATE's executive committee edacentrum promotes the exchange between science and industry through the co-organization of the University Booth. Organizing the Exhibition Theatre, the edacentrum designed an intensive exchange of knowledge between researchers, EDA companies and industrial users. There, for example, the research project "RESCAR 2.0" (supported by edacentrum) is represented with a Hot Topic session entitled: "Mission Profile Aware Design – The Solution for Successful Design of Tomorrows Automotive Electronics". Also, the technical advisory board of the edacentrum has organized an Exhibition Theatre session entitled "EDA+3D+MEMS Innovation Agenda 2020 Fueling the Innovation Chain of Electronics" .