Wolfgang Nebel displaces Erich Barke at edacentrum board

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Nebel was appointed as Deputy Chairman of edacentrum's Supervisory Board by the Executive Board at January 1, 2015. In his new role, he is responsible for membership development, the contacts with politicians at the National and European level, and for public relations - including the events as well. Nebel takes over the function of the relevant initiator and co-founder of the edacentrum, Prof. Dr. Erich Barke, who retired after 14 years of work on the board of edacentrum.

"I look forward to shape the development of the edacentrum", Nebel said. "Together we will combine the application development more closely with the microelectronics development. Thus, we achieve a significant increase in the rate of innovation, for example in the automotive sector. For this we use recognized successful operations of the edacentrum as a liaison and facilitator between business, science and politics in the classical EDA sector."

More information of the person of Prof. Nebel can be found here.