Participate in the ZVEI Benchmark on IC Development for Automotive Applications

To improve the productivity in automotive semi-conductor IC development projects, several European semi-conductor suppliers under the head of the ZVEI decided to define and to run a regular benchmark since 2006. The objective is to see the own projects’ productivity in comparison to the productivity of anonymous projects from other semi-conductor suppliers in the automotive sector. This benchmark is done to get better insight in the strengths and weaknesses of own projects. Compliance to legal aspects is given. Further information is available in a white paper at the ZVEI website. The edacentrum as supporting partner in this effort, invites further semi-conductor suppliers in the automotive sector to participate. Contact: Andreas Vörg (voergatedacentrum [dot] de)

ADTC & edaWorkshop19 - Program and Registration online

Hannover/Dresden - The edaWorkshop will take place this year from 14-16 May 2019 in Dresden together with the Nanoelectronics Applications, Design and Technology Conference (ADTC). In addition to the current research projects on EDA = Electronics, Design and Applications, the event presents keynotes by Andrew B. Kangh from the University of San Diego and Markus Sonnemann from Robert Bosch GmbH as special highlights. In addition, there will be nine further sessions, including a special session on European research strategy and a panel discussion from the automotive sector.
The registration is now possible the program can be found here.

Update of the Electronic Components & Systems Strategic Research Agenda available

The "Electronic Components & Systems Strategic Research Agenda" (ECS-SRA) released by the three industry associations AENEAS, ARTEMIS-IA and EPoSS has been updated during 2018 and is now publicly available. In this ECS-SRA which incorprates the entire value chain, the three assiciations present their visions for a digital Europe, the most important applications as well as the challenges and solutions for research, development and innovation in electronic components and systems. The document is availabe here on the AENEAS webseite.

edaWorkshop18: Picture Gallery and Download online

Please take a look at the picture gallery of the edaWorkshop18 held on May 16 and 17, 2018 in Hannover. All participants are able to download the slides from the (in German only) program page (after login).

edaWorkshop18 - Program and Registration online

Hannover - The edaWorkshop18 takes place on May 16-17 in Hannover. Look forward to an interesting program (in German only) including keynotes by Subhasish Mitra (Stanford University) and by Hai (Helen) Li (Duke University). From now on, the registration (in German only) is possible here.

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