Where is the $1B ESL EDA Market Gone?

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Business Session I

Joachim Kunkel, Synopsys

Where is the $1B ESL EDA Market gone?


Industry analysts have long been forecasting a $1B Electronic System-Level (ESL) design automation tools market. So far this market has not materialized and the questions on many people's mind are 'Why?' and 'Will it ever?'.

While a considerable amount of ESL technology has been developed in industry and academia over the last 20+ years, so far there has been no ESL 'killer app' to propel the market into these lofty heights. Did we develop the wrong technology, focus on solving the wrong problems, or are the problems simply not severe enough to justify spending $1B?

This talk will try to shed some light onto this subject.


Joachim Kunkel Joachim Kunkel Vice President of Engineering Solutions Group Synopsys, Inc.

Since joining Synopsys in 1994, Joachim Kunkel has held a number of engineering, marketing, and general management positions in the areas of System-Level Design, IP, and Services. He is currently the Vice President of Engineering for IP and System-Level Design.

Prior to joining Synopsys, Joachim was a managing director of CADIS GmbH, a company he had co-founded in 1989 in Aachen, Germany. CADIS GmbH focused on the development of System-Level design tools for digital signal processing and providing specialized design services for wireless communication systems.

From 1984 to 1989 Joachim was a research assistant at the Aachen University of Technology