University Booth at DATE, March 11-13 2008, Munich, Germany

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University Booth at DATE, March 11-13 2008, Munich, Germany

Call for Demonstration at DATE 2008 in Munich, Germany

DATE, the Design, Automation and Test Conference and Exhibition is the unique European event bringing together researchers, user and vendors as well as specialists in the design, test and manufacturing of electronics circuits and systems. The University Booth is part of the DATE program and sponsored by the European Design and Automation Association (EDAA), the EDA Consortium, the IEEE Computer Society TTTC (Test Technology Technical Council), ECSI (European Security Conference Initiative), RAS (Robotics and Automation Society) and ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) / SIGDA (Special Interest Group Design Automation).

As part of the DATE program the University Booth will be organized for EDA software and hardware demonstrations. Being hosted by the largest electronic system design and test conference inEurope, the University Booth offers a unique chance to exhibit your prototypes to both academia and industry.

Technical program for demonstration

The DATE has invited universities and public research institutes to submit hardware and software demonstrations. This year we have 41 demonstrations including 24 software based and 17 hardware based presentations in the program. It is interesting to see this year that a major part of the demonstrations will present hardware and software together in a co-design environment. Hardware and software cannot be distinguished any longer! The design automation of nanoelectronic systems is going to incorporate software development step by step. Another major trend is manifested in the program itself. Research institutes will present their innovations at a higher level of abstractions. Here, we see FPGA platforms that play an important role to explore new and innovative design automation environments at system level.

Research institutes from several countries inAsiaandEuropewill present their demonstrators at the University Booth. In the program we have 19 demonstrations fromGermany, 5 presentations fromFranceand 3 from theNetherlandsandIran. In addition, two demonstrators are respectively fromItaly,United KingdomandJapan. Research institutes fromBelgium,Denmark,Ireland,Norway, andSpainhave each one contribution in the program.

All demonstrations will take place Tuesday 11th until Thursday 13th March 2008within a dedicated time slot. The demonstrations have to be accompanied by a one-page full description. The conference and the exhibition including the University Booth will be held in the ICM, Internationales Congress Center München ( The University Booth is located in the centre of the exhibition hall (see the location of Booth B6 (761 kb)).

We splitted the 41 demonstrators into 11 sessions and clustered them by dedicated topics with up to 7 demonstrations in parallel to give a better overview and focus of today’s academic research results. You have the opportunity to see different approaches of challenging EDA prototypes of universities and research projects within a two hours time slot each. Several demonstrators will be presented more than once, giving the visitors more flexibility to see and hear about the latest innovations from research institutes. We are sure that the demonstrations will give an attractive supplement to the interesting DATE conference program and exhibition.

Encouraged presenters will give their best for you having an enjoyable show at the booth. We want to thank all contributors who made this program possible. We are sure that you will find out more about the latest trends from software and hardware from the research community with the University Booth program 2008.

PDF pages of the program

You can download the full program as pdf here. For more information, please visit the web page.

Deadlines and schedule

January 4, 2008:Deadline for submission
January 18, 2008One page description of the demonstrator
February 29, 2008:Program announced
March 11 - 13 , 2008Presentation of the demonstrators

Working software and hardware demonstrations

EDA software demonstrations can be presented at the booth supported by electronic and other media. Each EDA demonstration should be supported by a poster (not larger than 0.9 m width by 1.4 m height). During the demonstration, you can place your laptop on a desk. The demonstrators are liable for their equipment. For circuit demonstrations, the same services are available as for EDA software demonstrations (table and poster space). All circuits must be demonstrated within a working environment. Stand alone circuits will not be exhibited. Each exhibitor is responsible for bringing and installing the hardware and software resources necessary for showing the entire functionality of the circuit. Each hardware demonstration should be supported by a poster (not larger than 0.9 m width by 1.4 m height). Each poster should contain a plot of the circuit, complemented by any information on the functionality of the circuit, test results and working environment.

Call for demonstrations

Please download the Call for demonstration in PDF or in Word.

The University Booth is a separate booth in the exhibition area. Walls, carpet, furniture etc. will be prepared. There will be about 6-8 desks for the demonstrations. Each demonstration will have at least one time slot of 2 hours. On request, individual time slots can be booked for more demonstrations. The demonstrations will be clustered by thematic Chip design topics. This gives the visitors the opportunity to get information over several prototypes that are demonstrated in parallel.

You will find also information at For any further information or requests feel free to contact the University Booth coordination.

Volker Schöber and Wolfgang Rosenstiel
Schneiderberg 32
30167 Hannover

fon +49 511 762-19686
fax +49 511 762-19695
email university-boothatdate-conference [dot] com

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