Semiconductor Industry Consolidation: Who will survive?

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Business Session II


Session Keynote Semiconductor Industry Consolidation: Who will survive?

G. Dan Hutcheson, VLSI Research



The change from micro to nano-manufacturing has created problems and opportunities throughout the semiconductor manufacturing food chain, from design to test and packaging. The challenge of nano-manufacturing has driven the companies to undertake an increasing number of corporate re-structuring activities, which not only include mergers and acquisitions, but spin-offs as well.

The presentation concentrates on the opportunities that nano-manufacturing has created for chip designers, EDA and manufacturing. It also addresses several critical questions: Is the current business environment increasing the industry consolidation? Or is the design and manufacturing specialization a more prevalent trend, and why? What is the role of foundries, and can chipmakers still differentiate through manufacturing? Is there an opportunity for designers to influence the current trends? The companies that are able to master these challenges and turn them into strengths that can be exploited in today's market place are the future winners.

This keynote presentation is based on VLSI Research's databases and analysis to provide viewpoint to these critical trends.


G. Dan Hutcheson G. Dan Hutcheson CEO VLSI Research Inc

Dan Hutcheson is CEO of VLSI Research Inc. He is a recognized authority and well-known visionary for the semiconductor industry whose career experience spans more than twenty years. Today Hutcheson spends the majority of his time advising companies in strategic and tactical marketing, business management, and manufacturing trends, productivity, and strategy. During his career, Hutcheson has authored numerous publications, developed many industry models, and researched most aspects of the semiconductor industry. Hutcheson is probably best known for being the first to forecast an industry recession and for having developed the industry's first cost-of-ownership model in the early eighties. Hutcheson holds a master's degree in Economics from San Jose State and has completed additional engineering coursework from UC Berkeley.