edacentrum at DATE 2005

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edacentrum as a guest at booth 5400

The edacentrum can be found within the Exhibition as a guest of Mentor Graphics Booth E8000. There you can find employees of the edacentrum, who offer informations and answer questions. Additionally the edacentrum offers to meet project leaders of Ekompass and MEDEA+ projects, respectively. The exact scedule is not fixed yet, please wait for further announcement on this side.

´ edacentrum at the Exhibition Theatre and the University Booth

Beside from the very successful scientific conference the DATE established two important meeting parts in the the exhibition: the Exhibition Theatre and the University Booth. As a part of its mission to support industry and science in the area of EDA the edacentrum organized these two meeting components. Since both programs are aligned to the industrial practice and the dialogue between industry and science, we would like to invite you to visit these meetings. Please find below more information about panels, testimonials, presentations and demonstrations.

The edacentrum also presents a testimonial event at the Exhibition Theatre:

Testimonial Session: „TESTIMONIALS: IP Standards for Interoperability and Quality Assurance“

Wednesday, march 9, 11.30-12.30 am

The presenters are:

VSIA-Quality IP: VSIA: Ralph von Vignau, Philips
OCP-IP: James Aldis, Texas Instruments
SPIRIT: Christopher Lennard, ARM

Moderator of the event is Martin Radetzki.

We would like to meet you there, a registration is not necessary.

on February, 18th 11.20 am - 12.40 am

„New System Level Design Methodologies Tailored to European Electronic Key Applications and Their Industrial Utilisation in SpeAC“ von O. Bringmann, FZI

„IPQ: IP Qualification for Efficient System Design” von S. Rülke, Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits

„The Benefit of EDA-Projects for the European Economy” von P. van Staa, Robert Bosch

„European R&D - Opportunities From Diversity” von W. Ryder, Mentor Graphics