Mentor Graphics Corp.: Verification Languages and where they fit

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Company Presentation: Mentor Graphics Coorporation

Brian Bailey, Chief Technology Officer Design, Verification and Test Division Mentor Graphics Corp.


20 years ago, the EDA industry was dramatically changed by the emergence of new languages that permitted a tenfold increase in design productivity. These were the languages based on RTL principles. While many people described these languages as modeling languages or simulation languages rather than design languages, they were certainly not verification languages and because of this, verification has become a distinct bottleneck in the entire flow. In the last couple of years we have seen the emergence of a new class of languages that are dedicated to verification. This talk will explore some of these trends and how to make sense of the "language wars" that would appear to be erupting.

This technical seminar will review the status quo of system verification in 2003, the languages available today and what engineers can expect in the near future in terms of emerging standards for new verification languages. They definitely make an important part of the foundation for emerging ESL design flows.

Curriculum Vitae

Brian Bailey, CTO of the Design, Verification and Test Division at Mentor Graphics Inc. is widely acknowledged as an expert in this field acting as an active member of the Accellera standardisation committee.

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