The Evolution of Development Processes in the Semiconductor Industry

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Fritz Kirsch, Manager of Design Methodology Group Infineon Technologies AG


Developing chips today is the challenge to develop high complex systems. To manage the design complexity of such systems, not only sufficient EDA tools and flows, but also appropriate development processes are necessary. These processes regard the development task as an holistic approach, but also ensure the potentiality of breaking down the whole system into single sub-systems with less complexity which can be developed independently. By the example of a mobile radio chip the problems associated with traditional development processes will be shown and the principals and benefits of a new system development process, the V-Model, will be introduced.

Curriculum Vitae

Fritz Kirsch Fritz Kirsch was born at May, 14th, 1954 (married, 1 child). He studied and received his Diploma in Electrical Engineering at the Technical University of Munich and got his PhD in the area of Place&Route at the Technical University Munich at Institute of Prof. Antreich, respectively. He worked at Siemens, Intel (USA) and is now with Infineon.

He has a 18 years experience in semiconductor industry as a manager of different groups in the area of CAD and the Product Development in the application areas wired and wireless communication.

At present, he is manager of the design methodology group (logic design) in the development department of the Wireless Solution business unit at Infineon.