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For almost 20 years the edacentrum has been organizing the edaForum for decision-makers on a regular basis. With its unique combination of economically and technically oriented lectures on the value of electronics, design and applications (EDA), the edaForum provides important information for securing the company's future. In addition to the technical challenges in the development of microelectronic systems and their applications, the invited contributions of high-ranking speakers focus on current topics of in particular economic and strategic importance. The upcoming edaForum takes place in Berlin, Regent Hotel, on November 5-6, 2019 and is dedicated to 

edaForum19: „The Innovation Twins: AI and EDA Enable Each Other“

edaForum19: Evening of November 5 and Morning of November 6 in Berlin

The edaForum19 will start with an exclusive evening event on November 5. Two lecture sessions dedicated to „The Innovation Twins: AI and EDA Enable Each Other“ are planned for the morning of November 6. These will be completed by a panel session: „If (training) data are the oil for AI – how will the EDA companies use that oil and what are they willing to pay for it?” In the following you can find detailled Information concerning the content of the event.


The edaForum19 is dedicated to two technologies, each of which is an outstanding innovation driver on its own and which brings both the economically most important industries and the environment of each individual citizen to a new level:

  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) methods that can be used efficiently and effectively in a wide range of applications using the microelectronics solutions available today; and
  • The design of applications of the latest semiconductor products and systems (EDA=Electronics, Design and Applications) using EDA (=Electronic Design Automation) methods.

Today, both technologies are mutually dependent on each other in order to develop their full potential:

  • "EDA for AI": EDA implements the hardware and systems required for AI applications, including IP e.g. for accelerators.
  • "AI for EDA": The innovative EDA methods of the future will use AI themselves.

The edaForum19 is dedicated to these two aspects and will discuss in invited talks and panel discussions questions like:

  • How will AI change the EDA industry?
  • Where is AI superior to traditional EDA approaches and where not?
  • What added value will AI bring to EDA?
  • Will AI dominate the strategic development of EDA? What else is of strategic importance for EDA?
  • Will AI-based EDA replace designers?
  • Is there a market for dedicated AI chips?
  • How do I put AI on the chip? Will approaches like Open Source and RISC-V processors be part of the solution?

edaForum Program Chair: Prof. Wolfgang Ecker (Infineon Technologies AG and member of the Enquete Commission "Artificial Intelligence - Social Responsibility and Economic, Social and Ecological Potentials" of the German Bundestag)

edaForum Board: Prof. Wolfgang Rosenstiel, Prof. Wolfgang Nebel, Jürgen Haase (Board edacentrum e.V.)

In order to efficiently enable the participants of edaForum19 to attend another very suitable event, edacentrum cooperates with the VDE and ZVEI associations, who organise the Microelectronics Sympisium nearby and directly after the edaForum19:


Directly after edaForum19 the 9th. Microelectronics Symposium organized by VDE and ZVEI takes place, also supporting the dialogue between politics and industry. The Microelectronics Symposium 2019 will be held under the motto
"Microelectronics - the Brain of Artificial Intelligence"
and will ideally complement the edaForum19. Participants at edaForum19 can directly register also for the Microelectronics Symposium when registering for edaForum19.

More Information like program and pictures of past edaForen yo find here and on the left below the menu "History".