edaForum02 - Preface

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You do believe that "EDA is where electronics begins"? Good! You think investment in EDA is of crucial importance for the commercial success of microelectronic products? You are absolutely right! But, honestly, do you really know what the ultimate bottlenecks in product design will be in the future? Do you really know exactly how much money should be spent for EDA to be successful, and how to measure its success? If you think that these are interesting issues, join us in the edaForum02 and get answers to key questions like "EDA - simply cost or added value?", "How to overcome the verification nightmare? or "How to double design productivity every year?".

The edaForum02 brings together decision makers from industry and top-rated Speakers from all over the world. It is organized by the edacentrum as part of its mission to overcome the design gap by collaborative actions of system and semiconductor companies, EDA vendors and research institutes.

In contrast to pure technical workshops this event will not only focus on technical challenges but also on business-related topics helping to optimize the return on your EDA investment. The invited Speakers will present various topics including verification, analog design automation, design processes, benchmarking and productivity and return on investment in EDA. Bring your special problem to edaForum, listen to the keynote, given by Richard A. Newton from the University of California in Berkeley, a beacon in this field, and meet with outstanding experts from the scientific community and executives from the EDA, system and microelectronics industry.

Discuss with us the chances and possibilities of Electronic Design Automation. The edaForum and the exclusive social event in the former Finnish pavillion of the EXPO 2000 offers lots of opportunities in a relaxed atmosphere!

On behalf of the edacentrum I cordially invite you to the first edaForum in Hannover!

   Prof. Dr. Erich Barke
Chairman edacentrum