Collaborative Engineering and Outstanding Expertise as Key Differentiators for 65 nm Success

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edaForum05 Presentation

Business Session II

Heinz Schützeneder, Infineon



Infineon is developing 65 and 45 nm bulk CMOS technologies within a leading alliance composed of major semiconductor industry players, consisting of IBM, Chartered Semiconductor, Infineon Technologies and Samsung Electronics. The presenter will demonstrate how a multi-partner and multi-site approach combining the best and experienced engineer talents will contribute to leading edge results proving world class leadership of that consortia towards technical figure of merits, cost-competitiveness and time-to-market.

The chosen multi-partner approach causes an optimum trade off between heavy capex oriented IDMs on the one hand as well as intended to be  lean fabless companies on the other side.

Furthermore the author will describe that by means of an cross-functional and multi-site concurrent engineering approach efficiencies could be dramatically improved. This is valid although internal development and manufacturing sites in US, Europe, Asia of Infineon and several partners have been integrated from the early beginning. Including cooperation with EDA partners and IP vendors the development cycle times have to be established. The integration, availability and access to key hot notch experts is a precondition to be capable to master the sophisticated technical and economical challenges of enhanced deep-sub