Virtual Power on in IBM

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Technical Session II


Virtual Power on in IBM

Stefan Koerner, IBM



IBM's eServer design incorporates besides new microprocessors (power and mainframe architecture) a increasingly amount of firmware to realize virtualization functions, achieve energy savings and reliability features. The time to market and the field quality strongly depend on the quality of that firmware. The talk will explain IBM's "Virtual Power On Concept" which is in use at IBM to verify all server designs. It will cover aspects of software engineering as well as hardware firmware coverification using emulation and acceleration technologies. Finally it will address the required changes in project management that became necessary and show some result data of the last projects.


Stefan Koerner Stefan Koerner Senior Technical Staff Member IBM Entwicklung GmbH

Stefan Koerner is a Senior Technical Staff Member at the IBM eServer Hardware Development Group in the Boeblingen laboratories. He joined IBM at Boeblingen in 1981 after receiving a M.S. degree in electrical engineering from the Technical University of Furtwangen. He has held a number of positions in logic design, firmware development and verification. Mr. Koerner holds 3 patents and gives lectures on design of digital systems at the University of Coeducation in Stuttgart.