Transformation of an East German Technology Portfolio into a Medium-Sized Global 'Fabless Company' in the Analog Mixed Signal Segment

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Business Session II


Transformation of an East German Technology Portfolio into a Medium-Sized Global "Fabless Company" in the Analog Mixed Signal Segment

Thilo von Selchow, ZMD



After the privatization of the 46 years old company ZMD in 1999 first revenues were generated with a lot of "rainmaking skills" from rich existing technology portfolio.

However, it was not possible to find enough funding and investors to fund all the existing business models which still existed under the ZMD umbrella.

Therefore, it was necessary to focus ZMD onto the small but profitable field of being a fabless company in analog mixed signal for enabling sensors.

Our Philosophy is the simple strategy "to capture" several application markets, which are "under the radar screen" of interest for large companies. ZMD is now very successful and fast growing.

Confirmation for this business model is found in the fact that small companies have continued to be the basis of many innovations, fast and flexible solutions in addition to the large firms.

This variety of some large and many small companies adds to each other and has been in the past and will be also in the future the basis for a healthy, innovative, strong German economy.


Thomas HötzelThomas Hötzel, CTO, ZMD AG

Thomas Hoetzel joined ZMD in 2005 as Chief Technology Officer. In April 2006, he was appointed to the Managing Board. Thomas has many years experience in Semiconductors Innovation Management. His expert knowledge covers the complete business process from strategy planning to mass production. 

Thomas studied electrical engineering at Carolo Wilhelmina Technical University Brunswick, focusing on multimedia before joining Philips Semiconductors in 1989. At his last Position in Philips Semiconductors now NXP, Thomas was responsible for the car infotainment business segment. 

From 2000 to 2005 he served as Chief Operating Officer at sci-worx GmbH, during these days a subsidiary of Infineon Technologies AG.