Synchronicity, Inc.: Building Reuse in an SoC Development Environment

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Company Presentation: Synchronicity Inc.


In the constant reconstruction of today’s electronics development environments two main topics have emerged, above the requirement for excellent point tools: the need for the practical Reuse of internal and external Intellectual Property (IP), and its fast, safe and effective use in increasingly complex SoC designs.

Synchronicity has built the mechanisms underlying such environments for most of the top semiconductor fabricators and electronics OEMs. This presentation will illustrate how companies are addressing the control, delivery and (critically) the support of such IP, for internal teams and for their customers’ own development groups. It will also describe how these components (hard and soft) can be integrated with work still in progress, across multiple internal and external development teams.

These environments demand the control of the data involved and the best possible communication between all team members on the status/problems/issues/ECOs as they arise, which must be available for management as well as the team members. Examples will be drawn from companies of large and medium size, but all facing the challenges of getting complex designs to silicon as swiftly and safely as possible.