Sophisticated System on Chip Integration Enabling Leading Edge Energy Efficiency in Automotive

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Hartmut Hiller, Vice President Enabling Technologies & Services, Design Methodology and Implementation, Infineon Technologies AG


Infineon Technologies addresses with its product portfolio the three focus areas: Energy Efficiency, Communication and Security.

One of the most demanding challenges the global society has to solve in the coming years is the intelligent/efficient generation, transportation and consumption of energy. The presentation will explain that Infineon Technologies is a key enabler for important German industries which will have a world leading role in providing solutions to utilize the limited resources of our globe in a significant smarter way. One important contributor here is the automotive industry with its commitment to enable the "all electric car" in the near future. Drawing on the example of Infineon's next generation “multi core controller family” it will be shown what kind of challenges such high complexity System on Chips (SoC) demand from our engineering force. In addition, the presentation will give ideas how to attack these from a methodology perspective. Only with appropriate innovations on methodology supported by powerful EDA tools we will be able to sustain world class time to market while fulfilling "military quality/reliability requirements" at consumer electronics prices.

Curriculum Vitae

Hartmut Hiller Hartmut Hiller is Vice President for Design Methodology and Implementation at Infineon Technologies AG. His responsibilities include definition, implementation and maintenance of Infineon’s worldwide deployed and used CMOS design flow & methodologies covering the full range from System- down to Transistor-Level analogue/RF design and addressing the complete Infineon product portfolio in this area.

After receiving his diploma in Physics in 1989 from TU Munich, he worked at Siemens Transmission System covering ASIC/CAD engineering as well as first management positions. In 1997 he joined Siemens Semiconductor/Infineon to take over the responsibility of a development manager for the business line “Data Communication ICs/Wired Communications”. In 2003 he joined Infineon’s Design Automation group where he held several management positions like head of design methodology for the business group “Automotive, Industrial and Multi-Market”.