Smart Technology Access - How to Position in the Semiconductor Value Chain

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Business Session II


Smart Technology Access - How to Position in the Semiconductor Value Chain

Josef Winnerl, Infineon



In the recent years the semiconductor industry landscape changed significantly. Cost became a real issue - developing advanced technologies and building manufacturing lines for such technologies are no longer affordable for the majority of semiconductor suppliers. Only a few individual companies try to maintain their traditional IDM model, while the majority of successful companies is forming alliances. Life is also getting tougher for fabless and foundry companies in their traditional domains of the value chain. Foundries are no longer pure contract manufacturers; they try to differentiate through design enablement and IP offering - a traditional IDM domain. And a fabless company without an insight into technology has a hard time to efficiently bring products to 65nm and beyond.

The presentation will describe the key trends and success factors for successful companies in our business.


Josef Winnerl Josef Winnerl Vice President Technology Development Communications Business Group Infineon Technologies AG

Josef Winnerl is Vice President for Technology Development in Infineon’s Communication Business Group. He is responsible for the development of CMOS platform technologies including GDS2 mask flow, modeling and design enablement. Before joining Infineon he has been withSiemensCorporateR&DCenterand Semiconductor Group of Siemens serving in different management positions in CMOS technology and embedded Flash process and design development. He received his Diploma in 1983 and his PhD in 1984, both in Electrical Engineering from the Technical University of Munich.