Replacing the "Field Trial"

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Christian Wolff, Senior Vice President Communications Business Group General Manager Wireline Access Business Unit Infineon Technologies AG


Over the last couple of years, the nature of the communication semiconductor business has changed dramatically.

Until a few years ago it was common to develop semiconductors together with large telecom equipment manufacturers who contributed in many areas of the development process e.g. the chip verification. Although the work load for the chip development was effectively shared, a typical product introduction cycle took 2-3 years. All of this has changed dramatically.

Today, a semiconductor supplier not only performs the complete chip development process but also has to provide significant support to develop the telecom equipment manufacturers HW and SW. At the same time, product introduction cycles and overall system cost are decreasing every year. This environment creates a major challenge for EDA technology.

The presentation will describe the changes in the communication chip business outlined above and will highlight a few examples where these new requirements were successfully managed.

Curriculum Vitae

Christian Wolff Christian Wolff joined Siemens Semiconductors in 1985 where he took an active role in the development of the first and second generation of the company