Key Enabler for Future Technologies

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Johannes Windeln, Manager Technology Center EMEA IBM Integrated Supply Chain Management (ISC)


More and more companies are reaching out beyond their boundaries to collaborate with other companies to cope with the ever-increasing semiconductor device complexity and integration of new materials, functionalities and performance requirements while concurrently addressing the conflicting goals of reducing costs, increasing wafer dimensions and meeting environmental directives. Collaboration means multiplying the engineering skills and resources that are necessary to foster the critical transition from a technology concept to reality. This approach will be explained by looking at the following technologies: engineered wafer substrates (SOI and its derivates), novel storage technologies with radical innovation concepts, and C4NP, a recently announced revolutionary wafer bumping technology developed by IBM. C4NP is examplifying the benefits of collaboration between tool & equipment suppliers as well as users: a tremendous reduction of chip packaging costs through the decrease of necessary tool investments, consumables costs/reduction and manufacturing space.

Curriculum Vitae

Johannes Windeln Johannes Windeln is manager of the IBM Technology Center, ISC EMEA, in Mainz, Germany. His department has responsibilities in the area of semiconductor technology, micromechanics, packaging, and supplier management. He received a Diploma in Chemistry in 1980 and a Ph.D. in Macromolecular Chemistry from the RWTH Aachen, Germany, in 1983.

In 1983 he joined IBM Storage Division. After several assignments in the hard disk drive technology - mainly on disk media technology, he managed the IBM Materials Science Lab in Mainz, Germany, from 1993-2001. The following two years he became Director for University relations for Central Europe reporting to the CEO in IBM Germany. In 2004 and 2005 he joined the IBM research Laboratory in Zurich, Switzerland, where he managed the AFM based thermomechanical storage in Science and Technology. Since 2002 he is elected Member of the IBM Academy of Technology.