Innovations in Telemedicine

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Business Session I


Innovations in Telemedicine

Thomas Schweizer, Aipermon



Demographical changes in the aging structure and changes in the way of living regarding malnutrition and lack of exercise lead to an increase of chronic diseases. Additionally the pressure for cost savings in the health care system increases. Thus, new medical care concepts in the area of telemonitoring arise.

In the first part, the presentation gives an overview of telemonitoring solutions and shows technical requirements concerning low power concepts, interfaces for medical devices, zero-button handling, data security and data reliability. The second part covers a new activity sensor concept (AiperMotion) based on a low g 3-dimensional acceleration sensor. The AiperMotion captures all activity data of a person for 7 days by a continuous measurement and storage and provides an opportunity for telemetrically transmission. Finally the medical areas of application will be described and how a measurement device can motivate to more exercise.


Thomas Schweizer Thomas Schweizer General Manager Aipermon GmbH & Co. KG

Dr. Thomas Schweizer is general manager of Aipermon GmbH & Co. KG and is one of the founding members of the company.

Dr. Schweizer started his professional career at Robert Bosch GmbH. In 1996 Dr. Schweizer moved to Siemens HL in the field of chip cards and security ICs. Until 1999 he was head of the Product Analysis and Product Development departments. From 2000 he was head of development for Chip card and Security ICs (Infineon Technologies AG) and held worldwide responsibility for innovation, specification, technology and product development, as well as system engineering. In 2002 he set up and managed "Innovation and Concepts" in the Secure Mobile Solutions business division within Infineon. From 2004, Dr. Schweizer oversaw the implementation of the telemonitoring technology in the Emerging Business division at Infineon.

Dr. Schweizer helds a degree in physics from the Albert-Ludwigs University in Freiburg.