Globalization - A Competitive Imperative

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Jaswinder Ahuja, Corporate Vice President and Managing Director Cadence India


Globalization is the process of connecting the world’s people with respect to cultural, economical, political, theological and environmental aspects of their lives and creates a web of financial, social, economical and cultural interdependencies. Globalization in business is becoming pervasive and is at the heart of competitiveness of enterprises. Within the high technology sector, the key drivers of globalization are access to key talent and access to new markets. A key focus for this is in the emerging regions of India, Greater China and Eastern Europe including Russia.

This talk will speak to some of the challenges of globalization and lessons learnt in building and effectively managing a global organization across these regions and will propose frameworks for approaching the globalization process in a manner that maximizes success.

Curriculum Vitae

Jaswinder AhujaJaswinder Ahuja is the Corporate Vice President and Managing Director of Cadence in India. His responsibilities include the globalization strategy and leading Cadence‘s India and Russia Operations. Jaswinder Ahuja started his career with Cadence in 1988 as a software engineer and has led the India operations since 1996. Under his leadership the India center has grown from an R&D site of around 120 to a corporate resource center of over 500 employees. He has led the India center to be recognized for its operational excellence and as the Number One IT Employer in India in 2003 based on the DQ-IDC survey.