The Cell Processor: Partnership for Success

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Wayne Howell, IBM The Cell Processor: Partnership for Success



The Cell processor is one of the most innovative and groundbreaking designs in history. It is the result of a close collaboration and partnership between three companies: Sony, Toshiba, and IBM, working together for five years. This presentation will review the history and unique attributes of this partnership, including its inception, the working relationships, and the leadership model that focused the successful efforts and energies of people across the world. More importantly, the unique challenges present in a three party relationship were recognized and overcome. Critical to the success of this project is the close technical partnership involving engineers from each company. The engineering team


Aldo RomanoWayne Howell Vice President Design and Engineering IBM Systems and Technology Group

Wayne Howell is responsible for the design and product engineering of Entertainment and Embedded Microprocessors. He joined IBM in East Fishkill, NY in 1989. He has held a number of engineering and management positions supporting development and manufacturing in semiconductor and microelectronic packaging technologies. Most recently he was the IBM Strategic Partnership Executive, responsible for the business and technical engagement and delivery of microprocessors and support chips used in IBM systems. Prior to that he was Technical Assistant to the IBM Chairman and CEO and held several management positions in packaging, assembly, test, and IP. Wayne was named one of IBM's top inventors and currently holds more than 50 US patents. He has been an industrial mentor for Sematech and the Semiconductor Research Corporation. Wayne holds a doctorate and master of science in chemical engineering from the University of Illinois and a bachelor of science in chemical engineering from Clarkson University.