Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

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Company Presentation: Cadence Design Systems, Inc.


"The Custom IC Design Challenge"

The integration of voice, data, and video, driven by wireless consumer applications, is increasing the IC complexity and the need for analog/mixed-signal and RF content in SoCs. Process technologies are changing fast to ever smaller process nodes. As a result designers are facing several new issues that need to be addressed. Productivity, IP reuse, parasitic closure and yield problems are amongst others the most important ones.

For the successful development of complex ICs a global platform based development approach is essential. The Virtuoso® Platform and its supported design flows enable a „meet-in-the-middle“ methodology that combines the speed of top-down design with the silicon accuracy of bottom-up design for fast, silicon-accurate analog, custom digital, RF, and mixed-signal design.


Jürgen Hartung;Platform Marketing Manager, Custom IC business unit; Cadence Design Systems, Inc.