Automotive Electronics - High Performance Reliability at Attractive Price

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Technical Session I

Stefan Lottholz, Bosch

Automotive Electronics - High Performance Reliability at Attractive Price


High performance electronics in passenger cars is a very attractive and market driving feature. The growth of numbers of control units and their complexity in a car lead to system availability requirements that are close or even tougher compared to those of aircrafts. More and more electronics reliability becomes a feature that drives buying decisions of end customers and design decisions of car manufacturers. The system cost and product life time conditions in automotive industry make it necessary to bring upcoming technologies as quick as possible to top reliability performance. Based on typical reliability problems proposals to shorten and avoid learning cycles in product design and technology development are presented.


Stefan LottholzStefan Lottholz Director Automotive Electronics Business Unit Occupant Safety, Quality Management Robert Bosch GmbH

Stefan Lottholz graduated in 1987 as "Diplom-Ingenieur für Elektroniktechnologie" at Humboldt University Berlin, Germany. After working as Researcher at Humboldt-University and University Oulu, Finnland he joined Robert Bosch GmbH Germany in 1990 as Design Engineer and Project Manager and Design Manager for Automotive and RF ASICs. In 1998 He took over responsibility for Qualification of semiconductor devices for automotive use and later worked as a consultant for business and product development processes. Since 2004 he is responsible for Quality of Bosch Airbag Products. He was member of the SAE Reliability Standards Committee 1996-2000.