Virtual DATE21 starting on February 1st

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The virtual DATE2021 will take place in the first week of February: The programme is just as extensive as in "normal" years. In addition to registering for the conference, you will once again have the opportunity to register free of charge as a visitor to the exhibition and thus also be able to attend the lectures in the Exhibition Theatre (organised by edacentrum): We would like to draw your attention in particular to two highlights of the programme, which will be designed by two members of the technical advisory board of edacentrum:

  • Mr. Klotz from Cadence organised a BarCamp (with participation of the makers of the edaBarCamps) and a Career Fair for the Young People Programme.
  • Mr Heurung from Siemens-EDA will give an Exhibition Theatre Keynote on the topic "Digital Twin: the Future Is Now" and will also introduce the new name "Siemens EDA":

The edacentrum team is looking forward to meeting many members of the EDA community on this occasion, at least online.