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In its seven events over the last few years, the edaForum has brought together decision makers from industry and top-rated speakers from all over the world. The forum was organized and will continue to be organized by the edacentrum as part of their mission to bridge the design gap (the gap between designing and production) by collaboration of system and semiconductors companies, EDA vendors and research institutes. For further information on the past edaforum events see here.

During the past few years, the edaForum has become an attractive event that has been visited by a lot of people. Over the years more and more effort and expenditure have been spent in order to provide an interesting program. However this year, due to restricted travel budgets, too few participants are expected to warrant the expenditure. Therefore the edacentrum has decided to call off and suspend this year's edaForum, which had been scheduled to take place in Berlin from 24-25 November 2009. This is not necessarily a permanent decision for the years to come as the edacentrum expects to revive the edaForum stronger than ever in the future.

Brandenburger Tor