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The newsletter edacentrum is about news on Electronics Design and Applications (EDA) and Electronic Design Automation (EDA) twice a year (from 2001 - 2010 four times a year). Thereby it offers a platform for the exchange of information between the German EDA community. It also contains information on the BMBF  established Ekompass and ICT2010 funding programs and its projects, as well as on market overviews, event notes and reports and interesting facts about the edacentrum and its activities.

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Insight into the current issue can be found here (in German only). There you will also find the editorial deadline of the upcoming issue. An overview of the previous newsletter edacentrum can be found here (in German only). For authors, we have provided some hints and help here (in German only).

Since June 2006 (issue 2006 02) the newsletter edacentrum is a publicly available journal with the ISSN 1862 2283. The journal is distributed free of charge to members and partners of the edacentrum and can be ordered here (.pdf) (in German only). The older editions are only available to edacentrum members and partners.

Subscription or membership

If you are not yet a member of edacentrum, But do not want to miss the newsletter edacentrum? Then you have two options:

You can get the magazine with its 2 issues per year for 20, - Euro within Germany (25, - or 30, - Euro in Europe or overseas) by subscription. Apply for the subscription today at newsletter-abo.pdf.

Or become a member of the edacentrum e.V. You will receive the newsletter edacentrum free of charge and additionally benefit from the exclusive advantages of membership.