AENEAS Agenda 2016 has been published

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On October 18, 2016 AENEAS published its strategic research agenda. The "AENEAS Strategic Agenda" describes  describes the ambitions of the AENEAS members in co-operative R&D&I activities, together with the anticipated contributions in resolving societal challenges and creating economic value for Europe. It builds on the Vision, Mission and Strategy (VMS) on R&D in European Micro-and Nanoelectronics, issued previously by AENEAS together with CATRENE back in 2013. The document is available at the AENEAS-Webpage.

About the "AENEAS Strategic Agenda"
The AENEAS Strategic Agenda was prepared and maintained in a structured and open process by a broad group of experts from across the European industrial and scientific community. It provides essential roadmaps for Europe to address important societal challenges, to compete worldwide with innovative products and services, and to strengthen the competitiveness of European industry along the electronics value chain. As such, the Agenda is a Pan-European guideline for implementing public-private R&D&I partnerships. This includes giving direction to the EUREKA Cluster PENTA, the ECSEL Joint Undertaking, the H2020 programme, in particular LEIT, as well as national and regional instruments. At the same time, access to such cooperative R&D&I programmes is a key condition for success for realising the ambitions of this Agenda.