Poster Exhibition

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Within the Poster Exhibition we will have posters concerning the following scientific contributions:

A Methodology to Use Classical IP Blocks in 3D Circuits
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J. Knechtel, J. Lienig (TU Dresden)
Robustness Evaluation of Embedded Software Systems W. Lu (U Stuttgart), M. Metzdorf, D. Helms (OFFIS), M. Radetzki (U Stuttgart), W. Nebel (OFFIS)
Shared-memory Communication in Distributed SoCs on Multi-FPGA Systems M. Müller, O. Brandel, W. Fengler (TU Ilmenau)
Fully Coupled Circuit and Device Simulation with Exploitation of Algebraic Multigrid Linear Solvers B. Klaassen, T. Clees, M. Selva Soto (Fraunhofer SCAI), C. Tischendorf (U Köln)
Impact Estimation for Design Flow Changes R. Koppe, S. Häusler, F. Poppen (OFFIS), A. Hahn (U Oldenburg)

Furthermore we will have one demonstration according to the talk on May 11, 11:15 am:

Virtual Prototype of a Fibre-optical Gyrosensor with SystemC-AMS S. Rieke, O. Waydhas (Northrop Grumman LITEF)

Besides these reviewed contributions to edaWorkshop11, the poster exhibition will show posters and demonstrations of all EDA projects funded by BMBF within IKT 2020.