About the project

High-density electronics provide economies of resources and cost savings in many application scenarios. To utilize potentials of electronics the project NEEDS explores the design of stacked chips in order to cope with the new requirements of information and communications systems by three dimensional integration of systems in the timeframe of 5 to 10 years. To reach theses goals, methods and tools from different design domains will be explored and integrated into a comprehensive design framework. The overall objective is to find adequate analysis, exploration and synthesis methods for an optimized 3D integration with regard to the integration technologies in use. Design optimization in this context should be carried out in a holistic manner, i.e. considering a subtasks, and independent of the application domain. Special focus will be given to the optimization of costs and thus also on the assessment of cost-effectiveness of 3D integration. As a project result, methods for 3D integration will be presented and demonstrated as a common development platform. This will strengthen the design competence in Germany for a new class of heterogeneous, highly integrated stacked electronic systems.