Keynote: The Integration of Sustainability into the Core of Semiconductor Manufacturing … the Only Way Forward

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Fiona Moclair (Intel, IE)


Human civilisation has entered an era of climate change.  The consequences of which have the potential to do untold harm to humanity.  Despite global agreements such as the Paris Accord to mitigate such impacts, we are not on track to meet agreed climate targets.
Technology, especially digitalisation is the only means available to prevent the most severe forecasted climate change outcomes.  The semiconductor industry is at the heart of digitalisation.
Fiona will illustrate the criticality of sustainability by sharing what Intel is doing to minimise its own carbon footprint while enabling other industrial sectors reduce their respective carbon footprints.

Curriculum Vitae

Fiona MoclairFiona is the Director of EMEA Manufacturing and Sustainability Policy within Intel’s Global Government Affairs organisation.
At a global level she leads Intel’s Government Affairs efforts on chemicals regulatory activity.
From a European context, Fiona is the PFAS issue lead for SEMI Europe and is the PFAS co-issue lead for the European Semiconductor Industry Association.