Ingo Feldner

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Ingo Feldner, Robert Bosch GmbH, DE


Ingo Feldner is a Project Lead for Virtual Hardware Platforms in the Central Corporate Research Division at Robert Bosch GmbH where he is dealing with the deployment of virtual platforms for productive use for different business units inside Bosch.
Ingo studied technical computer science at the University of Mannheim where he first got in touch with System-Level Design and abstract models of hardware. After his diploma in 2004 he started his career at IBM Germany as a Circuit Design Engineer for IBM mainframes.
In 2007 he transitioned to Bosch where he worked as a technical engineer on the application of virtual prototypes for different use-cases together with internal and external customers. Ingo has worked with virtual platforms from various semiconductor vendors and commercial and non-commercial tool environments in the field. His team is the technical support hub for using and deploying virtual hardware platforms from early design phases to hybrid functional verification. Recently Ingo is involved in exploring new opportunities offered by RISC-V architectures for Bosch products.