The Importance of Advanced Nodes

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Axel Hartmann (Intel, D)


Semiconductor products are a hidden but pervasive part in our daily life. In many industries the semiconductor products are meanwhile a strategic differentiator for its products and enable new functions, advanced user experiences, new business models and much more. The digital transformation is driving the increasing need for chips with higher performance at lower power, which are able to compute the flood of data to generate a value add for advanced applications. Those chips are designed and manufactured in advanced nodes, and the increasing demand for those chips drive further innovations in the technology roadmaps. The ‘Chiplet Revolution’ is leveraging both, the silicon and packaging innovations to create high performance system products. The re-use of common chiplets in combination with customer specific chiplets allow cost efficient and differentiated products for the EU industries.

Curriculum Vitae

Axel HartmannAxel Hartmann graduated from the University of Stuttgart with an electrical engineering degree. In his 26 years career with Intel, Infineon and Siemens he has held various technical management positions in Technology, Manufacturing and Foundry Management. In 2021 he joined the new formed Intel Foundry Services group and is now heading as Senior Director the Foundry Business Development for the EMEA region.