About the Project

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The fast and secure implementation of new and innovative functions and services poses enormous technological and design methodological challenges for automobile manufacturers and their supply chain. On the one hand, the automobile manufacturer must be enabled to anticipate the rapidly changing possibilities of future microelectronic platforms, sensors and semiconductor technologies already at the time of product definition. On the other hand, automotive suppliers and semiconductor manufacturers need timely knowledge of the requirements of future functions and services for the technology platforms, as well as their relevance, in order to strategically control investments in technology development as early as possible and on a quantitative, reliable basis.
The results of the GENIAL! project make this possible:

  • Precisely described and synchronized cross-company coordination processes along the entire value chain;
  • The description and analysis of future microelectronic systems and components and their technological properties and requirements already in early phases of development planning, ...
  • ... supported by tools that can access the expert knowledge stored in a knowledge base.

Within the project, the first version of a reliable automotive micro-electronics roadmap for requirements and development of future micro-electronic automotive components will be developed. The long-term maintenance and further development of these components is secured by the exploitation strategy of the project.
The roadmap allows all market participants as well as research and politics to control investments and research activities in a targeted manner and subsequently enables the implementation of significantly shorter and safer development processes for the realisation of new innovative automotive components while at the same time accelerating the introduction of new technologies. All market participants can thus realise innovative functionality or "customer experiences" faster than before.