Titel Veröffentlichungsdatum
Root Cause Analysis of ZRO Sources in a MEMS Gyroscope 2016/12/07
Compiled Symbolic Simulation for SystemC 2016/11/07
Guided Lightweight Software Test Qualification for IP Integration using Virtual Prototypes 2016/10/03
Fault Injection at Host-Compiled Level with Static Fault Set Reduction for SoC Firmware Robustness Testing 2016/10/02
Fast Dynamic Fault Injection for Virtual Microcontroller Platforms 2016/09/26
Gate-Level-Accurate Fault-Effect Analysis at Virtual-Prototype Speed 2016/09/20
Fault Injection and Mixed-Level Simulation for Analog Circuits - A Case Study 2016/09/12
Efficient Checkpointing-Based Safety-Verification Flow Using Compiled-Code Simulation 2016/08/31
Transformation of Failure Propagation Models into Fault Trees for Safety Evaluation Purposes 2016/06/29
Automated Integration of MathWorks® Simulink® Signal Flow Graph Models into Synopsys® VirtualizerTM-based Virtual Prototypes 2016/06/23
metaSMT: focus on your application and not on solver integration 2016/06/17
ParCoSS: Efficient Parallelized Compiled Symbolic Simulation 2016/06/17
Fehlerinjektion auf Unit-Ebene zur Robustheitsverifikation eingebetteter Software 2016/05/11
Constraint-based Platform Variant Specification for Early System Verification 2016/04/19
Constraint-basierte Plattformvarianten-Spezifikation für die frühzeitige Systemverifikation: Systemvariabilität bewältigen 2016/04/01
Combining Graph-based Guidance with Error Effect Simulation for Efficient Safety Analysis 2016/03/17
Simulation of Falling Rain for Robustness Testing of Video-Based Surround Sensing Systems 2016/03/15
Towards Formal Verification of Real-World SystemC TLM Peripheral Models - A Case Study 2016/03/14
Formal Verification of Integer Multipliers by Combining Gröbner Basis with Logic Reduction 2016/03/14
Embedded Software Reliability Testing by Unit-Level Fault Injection 2016/01/25
Boosting SystemC-based Testbenches with Modern C++ and Coverage-Driven Generation 2015/11/11
Lazy-CSeq-SP: Boosting Sequentialization-based Verification of Multi-Threaded C Programs via Symbolic Pruning of Redundant Schedules 2015/10/12
Robustness Evaluation and Improvement for Vision-based Advanced Driver Assistance Systems 2015/09/15
Fault-Injection Techniques for TLM-Based Virtual Prototypes 2015/09/14
White-Box Error Effect Simulation for Assisted Safety Analysis 2015/08/27
Relationship between Zero-Rate Output and the MEMS element in a Closed Loop System 2015/08/25
Recurrence Relations Revisited: Scalable Verification of Bit Level Multiplier Circuits 2015/07/08
Parallel Simulation of a Virtual Platform for an Industrial Automation System – with MultiSim 2015/06/25
Using Synopsys VCS to connect a Company’s SystemC Verification Methodology to Standard Concepts of UVM 2015/06/25
Best Paper Award: Automated Generation of Synopsys Virtualizer Architectures based on Hardware Descriptions in IP-XACT 2015/06/25
A Model-Based and Simulation-Assisted FMEDA Approach for Safety-Relevant E/E Systems 2015/06/09
Verifying SystemC using Stateful Symbolic Simulation 2015/06/07
Framework for Varied Sensor Perception in Virtual Prototypes 2015/03/04
Systemmodellierung zur Fehlereffektsimulation 2015/03/02
Fehlereffektsimulation mittels virtueller Prototypen 2015/03/02
Automation of Failure Propagation Analysis through Metamodeling and Code Generation 2015/03/02
SystemC-based Multi-level Error Injection for the Evaluation of Fault-tolerant Systems 2014/12/10
Fault-tolerant Embedded Control Systems for Unreliable Hardware 2014/12/10
A Meta-Modeling-Based Approach for Automatic Generation of Fault-Injection Processes 2014/10/14
Connecting a Company’s Verification Methodology to Standard Concepts of UVM 2014/10/14
CRAVE 2.0: The Next Generation Constrained Random Stimuli Generator for SystemC 2014/10/14
Fast Many-Worlds Simulation to Resolve Nondeterminism of Fault Effect Propagation 2014/10/14
Fast and Open Virtual Platforms for TriCore-based SoCs Using QEMU 2014/10/14
Simulation and Evaluation of Sensor Characteristics in Vision Based Advanced Driver Assistance Systems 2014/10/08
Advanced SoC Virtual Prototyping for System-Level Power Planning And Validation 2014/09/29
Runtime Fault-Injection Tool for Executable SystemC Models 2014/09/25
Virtual Platforms for Model-Based Design of Dependable Cyber-Physical System Software 2014/08/27
Architectural Low-Power Design Using Transaction-Based System Modeling and Simulation 2014/07/20
Modellbasierte Entwicklung und Verifikation von Sensor-SiPs 2014/07/09
Safety Evaluation of Automotive Electronics Using Virtual Prototypes: State of the Art and Research Challenges 2014/06/01
An Assisted Single Source Verification Metric Model Code Generation Methodology 2014/06/01
Fault Effect Modeling in a Heterogeneous SystemC Virtual Platform Framework for Cyber-Physical Systems 2014/04/14
Industrie 4.0 2014/04/01
Towards Verifying Determinism of SystemC Designs 2014/03/26
Verific-MM: Systematized Verification Metrics Generation with UCIS for Improved Automation on Verification Closure 2014/03/25
HeroeS³ - A Framework for Heterogeneous Software-Intensive System Design with SystemC 2014/03/25
Portierung der TriCore-Architektur auf QEMU 2014/03/23
Virtual Prototyping Evaluation Framework for Automotive Embedded Systems 2014/03/17
Funktionale Abdeckungsanalyse von C-Programmen 2014/03/11
Semi-automatische Generierung von Überdeckungsmetriken mittels methodischer Verifikationsplan Verarbeitung 2014/03/10
Modellierung effizienter Stresstest-Umgebungen für virtuelle Prototypen mit SVM 2014/02/23
StML: Bridging the Gap between FPGA Design and HDL Circuit Description 2013/12/09
Neues BMBF-Projekt EffektiV 2013/11/01